Heat Exchanger Frequently Asked Questions

All units are hydrotested before and after cleaning. For fixed tube units less than an 8" shell, typical costs are $200-$300 and includes gaskets. For removable nest units and fixed tube units 8" and larger, the price will generally be higher. Firm prices will be provided based on initial hydrotest and inspection.

If we know the number of tubes, tube OD and wall thickness, tube material, and tube length, an estimate can usually be prepared. A worksheet is available for you to fill out.

After we receive your prepaid shipment, trained technicians will visually inspect and hydrotest your heat exchanger. A worksheet will be prepared and given to the estimator. The estimator will advise you of the condition and recommended course of action. If the labor costs to repair and recondition your unit exceed 75% of the cost of a new unit, a new replacement unit will most likely be quoted. If a new unit is purchased from HydroThrift within 30 days, the hydrotest and inspection fee will be waived.

HydroThrift maintains a large library of heat exchanger drawings from many manufacturers. However, if we do not have a drawing for your unit and you have a drawing of the heat exchanger, HydroThrift can quote a replacement unit. If you don't have a drawing you can ship the unit to HydroThrift for a quotation. If the unit is in service and cannot be removed until the replacement unit arrives, HydroThrift will send a factory trained salesperson to your site for an inspection. There is no charge to detail and quote.

A lot depends on what kind of heat exchanger it is and what the nature of the deposits are. Shell and tube heat exchangers can be chemically and/or mechanically cleaned. Caustic solution is used to remove hydrocarbon deposits and an acid solution is used to remove lime and scale deposits. If chemical cleaning does not remove the deposits, it may be necessary to water flush drill the tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger. Plate and frame heat exchangers are first chemically cleaned, then disassembled and each plate is inspected. Further cleaning is done by hand with an appropriate brush and steam.

The only limitation we have currently is weight. Our lifting capacity is 30 tons.

Some compressor intercoolers (XLE, LLE, PRE, PL,WN) are kept in stock for immediate shipment. The XLE intercoolers are manufactured reusing existing side plates which drastically reduces cost. When you place an order for an XLE intercooler, it will ship in 1-2 days. Upon receipt of the unit, swap it out with the old one and return the old unit for a core credit. We will reuse the side plates for the next customer. This will reduce your down time to several hours instead of several weeks and reduce your cost of materials.

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