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Terms and Usable Formulas

Btu= The amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water, one degree Fahrenheit

Btu/hr= GPM x Temp Rise x K
K water = 500
K 30% glycol = 470
K 40% glycol = 450
K 50% glycol = 433

GPM = (Btu/hr.) / (K x Temp Rise)

Btu/hr = Kw x 3412

Btu = lbs/hr of metal x (T hot - T cold) x Sp.Ht.
T hot is the starting temperature of the metal
T cold is the ending temperature of metal after quench
Sp.Ht. is the specific heat of the metal to be cooled

Btu/hr = BHP x 2545 x (Design Margin Factor: 1.2 typical
Where BHP is Brake Horsepower

Btu/hr = Tons of Refrigeration x 12000

Btu/hr = Evaporative Cooling Tower Tons x 15000