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Closed Loop Evaporative(CE) Cooling System Components

Closed-circuit evaporative cooler. The evaporative-type heat exchanger utilizes heavy-duty prime surface evaporator coils to circulate the heated process coolant through a cascading water spray. The spray, atomized over coils by an upward air flow, transfers heat quickly and cleanly. A thermostatically controlled pump then recirculates water from the sump to the spray nozzles. Automatic thermostatic dampers provide accurate, continuously varying capacity control. The dampers actuate a limit switch that turns off the fan motors at low ambient and/or low load conditions. Sump heaters are factory installed to prevent sump water freeze-up.

Surge and vent tank. To minimize oxidation of heat transfer surfaces, the ASME code-welded surge and vent tank deaerates the coolant, and includes gauge glass, fill port, drain and vent valves.

System line gauges. Inlet and outlet gauges display pressure and temperature differentials for continuous monitoring of the cooling system.

Automatic control with manual override for reliability and safety. The NEMA 12 design electrical enclosure includes the sub-panel with fused circuits, starters with overload heaters for the pump and fan motors; start/stop pushbuttons for circulating pump motors; automatic/manual/off selector switch for thermostatically controlled fan and spray pump motors; and sump heaters. The panel will include indicator lights to show operation of all fans, pumps, and sump heaters.

Rugged, close-coupled centrifugal pump provides compact design. Couplings, alignment problems and attendant wear are eliminated in HydroThrift cooling systems through the use of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps close-coupled on the motor shafts. Pumps are equipped with mechanical seals. Pump capacities are typically rated at 100 feet head with higher pump heads available as conditions demand.

Packaged pump and control skid. Pumps, electrical enclosure, vent and surge tank, piping, valving, gauges, wiring and thermostatic spray pump control are all completely factory assembled on a full-deck fabricated steel base.

Custom engineered. Some projects require custom engineered systems, such as this unit which has an emergency natural gas driven pump to assure uninterrupted coolant flow during a power outage.

Optional equipment. Custom engineering allows a wide-range of options including dual stand-by pumps with automatic switchover, flow switch/alarm circuits, service valves, and disconnect switches.